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bu News / The Poznan Tourism fair (Poland) hosts the presentation of Europe Senior Tourism

bw The Poznan Tourism fair (Poland) hosts the presentation of Europe Senior Tourism

24/10/2012. SEGITTUR, in conjunction with some of the destinations featured in the fourth edition of the Europe Senior Tourism programme, presented the holiday packages and conditions on offer to senior citizens between October and 2012 to April 2013 during the tourism fair in the Polish city of Poznan, one of the most important tourism events in the country. 

The event was attended by Polish tour operators and members of Euroseniors –the company awarded the right to commercialise the trips– which also took part in the presentation, in addition to numerous travel agents and communications media. Over 50 people were present at the function, which concluded with a workshop in which the destinations took the opportunity to highlight the multiple possibilities they have to offer to Polish senior citizens in winter.

The aim was to familiarise people with the destinations and to promote the fourth season of the programme, which will offer 24,200 places in six countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria. Polish citizens over 55 will be able to enjoy a full holiday package including flights, transfers, four-star hotel, half board (including wine and water), half-day excursion in the area, extra travel insurance and a daily programme of activities.

Ministerio de industria, energía y turismo Segittur